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R & D team

-R&D team with more than 20 years of experience

-Extraction&Ppurification of Natural Substance

-Impurity&Stability Research

-Patent Research&Evaluation

-Achievements:Successful &Independent Development of Irinotecan Hcl, Ingenol mebutate, other -nibs.

-Cooperation:Deep cooperation with Sichuan University,Dalian University of Technology etc.

-Participation in establishment of USP standard with thanks letter from US FDA.

Regulation registration

-Global Registration:Products registered in more than 100 countries including EU, USA, Japan, China.

-4 products registered in US FDA with GDUFA fee paid

-4 products granted with CEP/COS certificate

-PCT Patent:Irinotecan Hcl PCT patent granted

-Ingenol Mebutate: NDA Submission&PⅣ Challenge with customer

Synthesis Research

-Development&Optimization of Process&Route of Synthesis, PCT Patent granted

-Process Study: Anhydrous Reaction, High Pressure Reaction(10ATM)

-Structural modification of natural ingredients(Semi-Synthesis)

-Chiral Structure Research

-Development&Validation of Analytical Method

-Polymorphism Research

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